Chayapong Charuvastr


“Without Leaving Home” explores the state of mind of “feeling at home.” Charuvastr poses the question, “What exactly is this feeling of being at home?” Human beings are experiencing distractions and chaos in varying degrees on a daily basis. We become lost, disorientated, scared, broken, and overwhelmed with this harsh environment especially in the pressure of global urbanization. Many of us desperately seek home via external sources. The mostly ignored fact is that the more we look for home, the further we will drift away from it. If we pause and take a moment to be with ourselves, we will realize that home is nowhere else but in our own heart.

Through a series of eight paintings depicting a façade of mid-20th century architecture, Charuvatr draws a parallel between the stillness of the artwork to the peace of the mind. In his research, he rediscovers the architectural gems from the 1950’s era scattered around Bangkok. The pastel color palette and soft shadows make reference to the atmospheric light of the morning sun.


Chayapong Charuvastr’s work deals with minimalist compositions that explore the vastness of space and the depth of human emotion. Infused with a delicate pastel color palette, his work radiates a sense of tranquility and serenity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in subtle hues and nuance emotions. His art inspires introspection, urging viewers to contemplate the stillness within while unraveling the layers of emotional resonance. Through his evocative creations, Chayapong seeks to inspire reflection and foster profound connections with the audience, transcending boundaries and sparking moments of self-discovery.

Chayapong Charuvastr is a Thai artist who holds a BFA from Pratt Institute, New York City. Currently based and working in Bangkok, Thailand.