Solo Exhibitions

2023 “One Thing and Everything”, QubismArt Space

2022 Ordinary Soul, Galerie Stephanie, Philippines

2022 Parallel : Euro Creations X Chayanin Kwangkaew, Calligaris Crystal Design

Center, Bangkok

2021 “Momentary”, Vanich Café, Nakhon Ratchasima

2020 Variation of pauses, Rosewood Bangkok Hotel

2020 Symphony of pauses, Subhashoke The Arts Centre

2018 Silence Speaks, G13 Gallery, Malaysia

2015 “Desire” at People’s Gallery, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.


Artist Statement

Chayanin Kwangkaew (Kapin) was born in 1990. He currently resides and works in Nakhon
Ratchasima Province, Thailand.
“When we pause, everything moves; yet when we move, everything seems to pause. Both
interchange and transform in their own time.”
Chayanin’s creative concepts and processes stem from the artist’s keen observation and
awareness of the interrelationships of surrounding elements in everyday life, where
overlapping changes occur. They are part of each other and interdependent.
His works are a blend of emotions, feelings, and rationale. In terms of rationale, he selects
elements from daily life, such as shells, flowers, or various objects, and crafts them
meticulously with oil painting techniques to reveal the truth of the objects. These serve as
the first keys to perception, opening doors to further interpretation. Regarding emotions and
feelings, this aspect encompasses atmosphere, color fields, and the artist’s immediate
emotional brushstrokes, capturing rapidity, decision-making, and formlessness of natural
elements. Beneath a seemingly tranquil exterior, movement arises from brushstrokes, flowing
colors aligning with the static figures interspersed throughout. Each symbolic form, whether
stable/transformative, dense/airy, is harmoniously integrated, encapsulating a sense of
Nothing emerges solely on its own but arises from the amalgamation of countless elements
fused together. Therefore, answers and descriptions to questions are not confined to a single
set but are rather interconnected relationships that enable us to perceive everything within
certain things or something within everything. The vastness, diversity, and hidden values of
existence are embedded within these relationships, sustaining life.