“I’ve come to realize the true essence of necessity in life. There was once a period when I yearned for things I believed were essential. Today, we’re surrounded by so much that we deem indispensable, making life without them seem challenging. Yet, in truth, we need so little to truly live. My travels taught me this resilience and the ability to thrive with minimalism. Upon reflection, this insight compelled me to approach my art differently. I aim to challenge convention by stripping away the superfluous elements, even redefining the shapes within my pieces. I’m curious to see if by focusing solely on the essentials, my art and the time I devote to it will undergo a transformation. It’s during these moments that I truly connect with the essential rhythms of life.”

The Novel



“Mythology – I used to think that my life was very far removed from fantasy stories, perhaps because my past life depended heavily on the harsh realities of life. It taught me to be someone who sees only the truth and never admired anything about mythology or fairy tales. But as time passed, I started working in art, and I had more time for myself. As I grew older, I saw myself in my youth, which I had tried to forget. Different images resurfaced one by one.


BeChanida narrates her reflections, recollections, and emotional experiences into the physical world of visual poetry through a myriad of mediums, expressing that which cannot be put into words.

After spending several years traveling the world as a flight attendant and hopping from museum to museum, BeChanida finally let her inner calling begin to take its own flight through trials and experiments with different mediums and styles. In her artistic pursuit, BeChanida has learned more about the realm of art as much as about life and its complexities. Her range of subjects have expanded from a series of portraits to encapsulated emotions and fragments of condensed impressions.

Her journey from an art enthusiast to a fully-fledged artist has led her to several group and solo exhibitions—and a chance for quiet conversations between the painter and the viewers with feelings and thoughts that transpire from spontaneous self-expression and conceptual narratives.