Art Stage Singapore 2015

January 22 - 25, 2015

Promsuk discusses the idea of personal connection between individuals through visionary language. The key visual in the exhibition is various faded images of either the artist’s self portrait or persons who occupied meaningful space in his mind. The artist inextricably merges process with subject matter which allows audience to experience how the condition of the material could impact an image’s meaning.

Promsuk communicates perception of personal feeling and a connection between the two people through the physical state of weaved canvas and woven yarns. He explores physical properties of canvas as woven fabric and as print substrate. Acknowledging flatness as integral part of the artwork, the artist digitally prints faded images on the flat canvas. On some pieces, he incorporates entwined yarns on the subject’s upper part of the body. On some pieces, he deliberately takes fiber strands off the canvas where the image is visible. Both effects imply significance to the meaning of each work.

The metaphorical statement in this body of work is apparent through its visual cues. The small sized work aims to demonstrate the organic and “free of confinement” quality of the fibers with emphasis on the physical state of the materials; irregular shred, ripped effect, and the interlacing of yarns and canvas. The larger work juxtaposes interconnecting elements of digitally printed portrait with woven yarns within a vast space, symbolizing a memory of a person within one’s mind.