April 29 - May 24, 2017

“INSIGHT” exhibition makes reference to Buddhism’s teaching of mindfulness through the artist’s process of carefully punching hundreds of tiny holes into metalware to create visual artwork.

Over the last 3 years, Narat Klinsudjai has adopted the Buddhism approach in dealing with his personal challenges. His practice of mindfulness has helped him to surpass life’s difficult moments thus this state of mind reflects how he undertakes his art creation process. He constructs his artwork by manually drill hundreds of holes, each of which is 1
millimeter diameter, onto the surface of hand picked aluminum cookery ware. Precision is utmost importance because once the hole is drilled, the mark is made thus he can’t redo or fix it. The single point focus of his mind during the process has basis from Buddism’s teaching of Anapanasati practice where one focuses on the immediate subject in front of them at that moment in time.

The artwork in “INSIGHT” exhibitions consists of installation of painstakingly punchedaluminum cookery ware installed with LED lights. Symbolically, the light refers to the light of Dhamma that leads the artist to a find a healthy path in life. The light plays with the viewer’s eye view as it illuminates in different angles based on the location of the viewer.