Flash of Memory | Memory Lapse

March 4 - April 17, 2017

Flash of Memory / Memory Lapse” exhibition by 3 artists explores various aspects of memory in our lives.

Helene Le Chatelier touches on the idea of recording our own memory and traces of our lives.  In her work, continuous lines of writing can be seen as laboratory samples of heart beats, striving to analyze the universal and recurring question of living.  Her “Autographic” series use writing as a deployed energy to inscribe our own life line and find our own path in the world that is crowded with other voices.

Kwanchai Lichaikul presents part of his life story through chronological sequences of his life starting from the most distance memory from his childhood.  Narrating the space, the objects, and what remains from each of them is a search for self-harmony and a quest for reconciliation of what constitutes us to be a person we are today.

Uten Mahamid discussed the idea of fragments of memory by dissecting his large abstract painting into 13 various sized pieces.  The collective artwork makes reference to cloud, rain, water, wind and natural elements.  The act of carefully reviewing and selecting these 13 sections is metaphorical to how one chooses to keep the best part of their memories.