Wattanapon pays homage to the symbiosis of all living existence. The equilibrium of nature allows humans, animals, and plants to co-exist and be able to sustain their own livelihood. However, the balance is off when humankind takes advantage of nature without much consideration for the consequences.

Wattanapon’s artwork combines images that suggest graceful nature with visual cues that make references to decay and deterioration. In choosing wood panel as his base material, the artist presents intrinsic beauty in a natural form. Wattanapon displays a high command of realistic figurative painting using watercolor and acrylic to achieve his delicate depiction of the fauna and its habitat.


Born in 1979 in Bangkok, Wattanapon Kitburin attended the College of Fine Art (1997) and Sounsunandha University (2003).

Kitburin is a talented illustrator. His work appears on interior and exterior walls of major corporations, hospitality businesses, schools, and etc. all over Bangkok. He has participated in “The Wall” group exhibition, and multiple solo exhibitions at Mae Jai Dee Gallery (2009), Pattaya Gallery (2010) and Art Gorillas Gallery (2013). His illustrations have appeared in Elle Decoration (2007-2012) and Preay Magazine (2008-2009).