A memorial or monument symbolizes the collective memories of people in a particular area using texts or statues as a vehicle. A memorial plays a role as a memory bank to remind us of people and circumstances at a certain point in time. Critically these recollections are directed and influenced by the champion of the time, leaving behind the other side of the story. The history is recorded, erased, and re-recorded depending on who is in power. The phenomenon of dismantling and modifying the old monuments as well as erecting a new monument signifies the paradox of this seemingly long-standing structure. We perceive the monument as an unchallenged narrative that will withstand the test of time but all-too-often we see the account of the story changed, altered, or even lost. The record of the story, though significant, is not permanent. The memorials that are aesthetically pleasing could present both the visible and invisible aspects of the recorded story. In this series, her sculptures record personal memories, dreams, and hopes – all of which could fade in the future.


Rattana Salee’s metal sculptures of architectural structures reflect the private and communal complexities of urban living. Evidence of supposed progress, the Thai capital has become one vast construction site. The builder’s raucous rattle of drill and hammer shakes almost every street in the city, while inhabitants seek mental and spiritual solace in the claustrophobic rectangular stacks they call home. Within such domestic confines, occupants establish individual expressions as refuge, yet the world beyond continues to infiltrate. Attempting a personal connection with the geographic, social, and psychological framework of the cityscape, Rattana’s sculpted frames evoke the decaying towers that still pierce the capital’s skyline, residues of economic fallout from the 1997 financial crisis. The devotion to the medium of sculpture, constant engaging in a dialogue with a vast city space and a focus to the socio-political commentary of a particular cultural surroundings render Rattana Salee’s work to be a paradigmatic representation of an urban art oriented practice.


Born 1982, Bangkok, Thailand


Master of Fine Art (Sculpture), Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts at Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Certificate, École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture) Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok,Thailand

Grants & Awards

Selected artist to participate in “Lady Dior As Seen By” exhibition

Invited artist to World Youth Forum organized by the Egyptian Government to represent sculpture on Thailand’s stand in Memorial Sculpture Project “Humanity” at Sham El Sheikh, Egypt

Arts scholarship from General Prem Tinsulanonda Statesman Foundation

Scholarship from The Graduate School, Silpakorn University : Creative Research Grant from Silpakorn University Research and Development Institute

Scholarship from French Embassy, as an exchange student at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA), Paris, France

Residencies Program

Tropical Lap 7 : ECHO – The Poetic of Translations residency Program at LASALLE College of the Art, Singapore

Invited artist in residency Program at Da Wang Culture Highland, Shenzhen, China

Solo Exhibition

“Suspended Memory,” People’s Gallery, Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC), Thailand

“Shell Shocked,” Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. Curated by Steven Pettifor

Group Exhibition

“Here and Now’ group exhibition at River City Bangkok

Group exhibition at Art Central Hong Kong represented by La Lanta Fine Art

Taehwa River Eco Art Festival 2019, Ulsan, South Korea

DRAW a contemporary drawing, g23 gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Haiku Sculpture International Exhibition for Art University in Asia, Joshibi Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Haiku International Sculpture Exhibition, Chiangmai City Art & Cultural Centre, Chingmai, Thailand

Representing localities: Memory and experience by Rattana Salee and Therdkiat Wangwatcharakul at Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok

Tropical Lap 7 : ECHO – The Poetic of Translations residency program at LASALLE College of the Art, Singapore

Haiku International Sculpture Exhibition, Okinawa, Japan

“Inevitably Imperfect,” Artery Post-Modern Gallery,Bangkok, Thailand Curated by Dan Barry and Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy!

“Body and Identity,” Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC), Bangkok, Thailand

“Myths and Reality,” Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. Curated by Shireen Naziree

“Warning,” Atelier Jean-Luc Vilmuth École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA), Paris, France

“How did I get Here?,” Da Wang Culture Highland, Shenzhen, China

“24 Hour:24 Days”, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand.!

“24hr.Art Project in Brand New 2009,” Bangkok University Art Gallery, Bangkok, Curated by Grittiya Gaweewong

“Media is Massage” Works By Participants of the seminar: “Time Based Media1” at PSG Art Gallery, Bangkok. Organized by German Artists Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer

“Dichan Magazine Art Award” at Central World Plaza, Bangkok

“Art Thesis Exhibition 2008” at Silpakorn University, Bangkok

“Asian Fellowship 5.7.5 Haiku Mini Sculpture 2007” Okinawa, Japan

“24hr.Art Project” at Desolate house No. 33, Bangkok

“From Archaeological to Fine Art” at PSG Art Gallery, Bangkok

Media & Publications

• Selected artist for Artists abroad project,

• Life in Parallel: The Relation Between Image and Form of Contemporary Cityscape, online

• November 2015:

• Interview for a website project dedicated to contemporary Thai artists 2011.

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