Art Installation of multimedia and Generative System



Pongpan Suriyapat uses Generative Systems in his art practice. Generative Systems enable the creation of art without the artist’s direct involvement in producing physical works. By relying on predetermined rules, such as mathematical equations, computer algorithms, or natural factors, Generative Systems can generate various forms of art. The art produced by Generative Systems can take on numerous identities, making it impossible to predict the precise patterns that will emerge. Generative art is beyond the direct control of the artist as it relies on technology and scientific knowledge to produce unique and captivating art. The result can be unpredictable yet fascinating.


An artist and an architect by training, Pongpan Suriyapat specializes in museum design as well as various media exhibits within the museum, especially digital media and interactive media.  He has a particular interest in creating artwork that combines creativity, technology, and new media for example computer technology, electronics, as well as science and natural phenomena such as gravity and free motion of mass.  

Pongpan has led the team to design and build several museums, exhibitions, learning centers and installation arts in the forms of kinetic art, interaction art, and generative art for local and international institutions.

Pongpan earned a M.Sc. Information Technology: Art and Technology from Chalmers Tekniska Högskola in Göteborg, Sweden in 2007.  In 2019, he furthered his study in Contemporary Curating from Zürcher Hochschule der Künste in Zurich, Switzerland.  Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate majoring in Design from the school of Interior Design, Silpakorn University, Thailand.