Yodmanee examines the relevance of Buddhist philosophy to our lives. Utilizing a combination of raw, natural materials with found objects of contemporary origin, her works imbue the painted designs and motifs endemic to traditional Thai art with the universal and persistent themes of loss, suffering, devastation, and the karmic cycles of death and rebirth.

“Time Lapse” embodies microscopic and macroscopic visions with Buddhist cosmology, traditional and modern techniques, and natural and artificial materials.

Consistent to the theme which she has investigated through her artistic practice, “Time Lapse” presents circular artworks that combine elements of contemporary and traditional Thai art. She mixes natural raw materials such as white, red and black clay with modern science such as cements and paints to create a heavily textured artwork.


Born in 1988, Pattani, Thailand


B.F.A. Thai Art, Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University



  • The Winner, The 11th Benesse Art Prize, Singapore Biannale 2016


  • The 2nd Prize, The 80th Singha Photo Contest, Singha Corporation


  • The 1st Prize, Bualuang Gold Medal, The 35th Thai Traditional Painting, Bangkok Bank Foundation


  • Excellence Award, Young Thai Artist Award 2010
  • Nominated student of The 6th Youth Contemporary Arts Camp to participate in exhibition and field visit  (La Biennale Di Venezia), Venice and Milan, Italy
  • Complimentary Award, The 6th Youth Arts Competition
  • Second Class Honour, The 28th “Silpa Bhirasri” Exhibition
  • Special Prize, Imagination for Thai Literacy by Intouch
  • The 2nd Prize, The 58th National Arts Competition, Krungthai Bank


  • Complimentary Award, The 2nd Imagination for Thai Literacy
  • The 3rd Prize, Bualuang Bronze Medal, The 32nd Thai Traditional Painting, Bangkok Bank Foundation


  • Complimentary Award, The 1st UOB Thai Artists Competition



  • “Quarterly Myth,” site specific installation, 15th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale, France
  • “Aftermath,” site specific installation, Southeast Asian, Fukutake House, Shodoshima Island, Japan


  • “Aftermath,” site specific installation, The 9th Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT9), Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art, Australia
  • “Sediments of Migration,” Bangkok Art Biennale 2018
  • Nirvana : Tropical Rebirth, Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Solo exhibition in Art Central Hong Kong, represented by La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Time Lapse, dual exhibition, Tang Gallery, Bejing, China


  • #TIME, La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand
  • “Thailand Eye”, Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Galapagosization + (Plus), Bangkok Sculpture Center, Bangkok, Thailand
  • “Thailand Eye”, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK


  • The Prophecy of Time, Art Stage Singapore


  • Thai Charisma : Heritage + Creativity Power, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand


  • Her Story Exhibition
  • Siam App, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand


  • Exhibition and field visit, Youth Contemporary Arts Camp, Venice and Milan, Italy
  • The 33rd Bualuang Painting Exhibition
  • The 57th National Arts Exhibition
  • The 23rd Toshiba Art Exhibition “Bring Good Thing to Life”


  • The 29th  UOB Painting of the Year, Singapore
  • The 27th Young Thai Artist Award
  • The 22nd Toshiba Art Exhibition “Bring Good Thing to Life”


  • Imagination in Thai Arts, Thai contemporary arts exhibition


  • Arts exhibition of Nakornsrithammarat College of Fine Arts


  • The 2nd Thaksin Youth Arts Exhibition

Public Collections:

  • Yuz Museum, China
  • Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art, Australia

Aftermath installation by Pannaphan Yodmanee from Sukontip Prahanpap on Vimeo.

Aftermath installation

Circular art reflects on Buddhism

Circular art reflects on Buddhism

Up-and-coming Thai artist Pannaphan Yodmanee’s latest mixed solo media exhibition titled “Time Lapse” comes at a befitting moment as Thailand’s art scene slowly resurfaces from the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown measures.