A recipient of 2009 Florence Biennale’s Gold Prize in Photography, Lu Jun’s genre-blending technique has earned him recognition in innumerable international art magazines including Art Manager, Chinese Photography, Art Gallery, and Britain’s Genius List of 100 Top International Artists.

Lu Jun’s work takes its cue from one of China’s most well-known art forms — traditional landscape painting — but his process is wholly contemporary. His photography is “digital ink and wash.” First he patiently observes the movement of ink in water, as it flows into strands of varying ebbs and flows. Water will always find a natural course, unguided and unforced. Lu Jun photographs the paths of the ink with a camera. Then, through digital manipulation, he carefully gathers strands from each image to weave into a new form. Through this process, the ink becomes both the subject and the medium.


“Evolution” features a new print series titled “Scholar” which is inspired by the idea of the abstraction of Chinese characters. The Scholar series seems to mirror the increasing fluidity of the today’s Chinese mentality by moving away from the concrete representation of meaning towards an abstract form of the visual language. The pictographic nature of Chinese characters deeply influences the philosophy of Chinese thinking, including the concept that painting and calligraphy are similar forms of artistic expression.

For the first time, a creation of video works produced in collaboration with Canadian jazz musician David Braid is on view. The video work “Music Moves My Heart” features free expression of Chinese ink in the same spirit nature with spontaneous performance of jazz.


Born 1962 in Hu Bei Province, China

1983 Graduated from Wu Han Technical University

Solo Exhibitions

“Freedom Unhindered,” La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand

“A Chant of Season,” La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand

“Evolution,” La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand

“How Far From Us,” La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand

“Lu Jun 2009 New Photographic Ink and Wash,” Zenith Gallery, Beijing
“Lu Jun Photographic Ink and Wash,” M97 Gallery, Shanghai
“Law of Ink · Delight of Water” Lu Jun Photography Exhibition, Beijing

“Law of Ink · Delight of Water” Lu Jun Photography Exhibition, Epson Epsite, Beijing
“How Far from Us” The 7th session of Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shan Xi

“Consumption Century” The 7th session of Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shan Xi

“Chinese Real Estate Dream” The 6th session of Pingyao International Photography Festival, Won Excellent Photographer Award, Shan Xi
“Expense Happiness” LuJun Solo Exhibition, Memowall Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing

“Who am I?” The 5th session of Pingyao International Photography Festival

“Lu Jun Photography Art Exhibition, ” Zhu Hai Museum
“Lu Jun Conceptual Photographic Exhibition, ” Shen Zhen Art Museum

Group Exhibitions

Florence Biennale, Italy, Received Third Prize in Sculpture (in collaboration with a Chinese sculptor)

Florence Biennale, Italy, Received Gold Prize in Photography
CIGE2009, China World Trade Center, Beijing
“Water and Color” Contemporary Ink Art Show, Today Art Museum, Beijing

“Lianzhou International Photography Festive” (LIPF08)
“The 6th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen”
“Exquiste Corpse : China Surreal” M97 Gallery, Shanghai
“Photo Beijing,” Beijing
“Seeing China” FOTOBILD2008, Berlin
“Contemporary Chinese Photography”7th Photo Festival, Lodz Art Center, Poland
“Seeing China” Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City, Zenith Gallery, Beijing

“Digital Soul” Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, Zurich
“2007 China Photography Investment Classics Exhibition” Guanfu Classic Art Museum, Beijing

The 5th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen, Shennial
Meeting Place Photo Fest Beijing 2006
“5th Annual Starving Artists Exhibition” C5 Art Center, Beijing
“Size Decides Attitude” First 5×7 ″Picture-Taking Biennale Project Pingyad, Shan Xi, TS1 Contemporary Art Center, Beijing
“The Exterior And Interior Personality”Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Sculpture Academy

“City Skin” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tap Seac Gallery, Macao
“2005 Donggang Photo Festival Korea 2005, ” Obtain nominee for best foreign photographer, Korea
“On Going– Contemporary Art Exhibition ” Shenzhen Sculpture Academy

“Androgyny – Contemporary Art Exhibition,” Beijing
“Macao & Zhuhai Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, ” Macao

“100 Artists Faces Exhibition,” Nan Jing
“The 2th Biennial of Italy-Asia Contemporary Art,” National museum of Contemporary Art, Genova, Italy
“The City Slang – Zhujiang Delta’s Contemporary Art Exhibition,” Hexiangying Art Museum, Shenzhen
“Chinese Behavior Photographic Exhibition, ” Italian Genoa Asian and Pacific Present Age Art Archives

“The Contemporary Photography Association Exhibition,” Denmark
“Contemporary Photography from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Exhibition,” Hong Kong Art Center

“The Shanghai Third Session of International Photography Exchange Exhibition,” Shanghai

Public collections
Macao Museum Of Art
Shenzhen Art Museum
Zhuhai Museum
Hunan Art Museum
National Gallery Thailand
HSBC (Shanghai)
Art Magazine (Beijing)
Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai
Fairmont Hotel, China

Early in 2016, Lu Jun is endorsed by Apple Inc. as part of “Start Something New” project to use Apple’s technology to create artwork.  His large scaled artwork are being displayed in major Apple stores worldwide.