The works are a part of a recurring series that I have been working on throughout my career. I am fascinated with lines and how they can shape and mold anything into existence. My works start out as photographs – in this instance a piece of cloth. But I never see what I paint as a piece of cloth.

It is a series of paths; of beginnings and ends that are connected, intertwined and overlap. The lines create their own space and exist in their own plane. They wish neither to be 2D nor 3D. They have no intention of forming the piece of cloth that inspired their existence. They are just moving and carrying on their paths together. It is about discovery and journey.

Through this I wish to achieve a sense of atmosphere and reality in my works that begin behind a lens as one thing, passes through me and finds its way onto the canvas as something else. As an artist, I wish to share the way I view my subjects and hopefully this is a journey that the audience can take with me.


Born in 1987. Lives in Manila, Philippines

Kadin Tiu has always been fascinated with perception and the endless boundaries that come with it. Taking cues from photographs she takes, the artist creates atmosphere and dimensions not obvious to the naked eye. She tries to challenge the fine line between looking, seeing and perceiving. Images of flowers become swirls of interspersed lines, unaware of what they were prior to the artist’s handling. From photos of fabrics, flowers and her pieces of clothing she creates landscapes that stretch miles into the depths of her canvas. She makes us see and experience her discoveries within her subjects and allows us to accept that what once was will become another thing entirely. Lines, folds, creases, cuts, layers, wraps and connections cohabit her canvases for us to endlessly retrace their origins and their destination. Her works are done in oil on canvas.


University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines (2008)


BEAUTIFUL OBSTINANCE, Mono8 Gallery, Malate, Philippines
SYNTHESIS, The Metro Gallery, San Juan, Philippines
– A BREAK / A LINE / A FOLD, Blanc Gallery, Katipunan, Philippines
– CONCEAL, Provenance Art Gallery, Shangri-La The Fort, BGC, Philippines
MERCURIAL, Underground Gallery, Makati, Philippines
FOLDS UPON FOLDS, LAYERS UPON LAYERS, Blanc Gallery, Katipunan, Philippines
CONTAIN, Blanc Compound, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
HITTING THE CYCLE, Blanc Peninsula, Makati City, Philippines
– LIGHTFAST, The Metro Gallery, San Juan, Philippines
– BREAK IN CONTINUITY, Blanc Peninsula, Makati City, Philippines
BECOMING, The Cubicle Art Gallery, Pasig City, Philippines


33 Auctions Singapore (2011 – 2012)