Jason Tamthai’s new series of paintings explores the subtle basic components of nature in beautiful abstract images. Everything in the universe from human cells to stars owes its existence completely to energy, frequency and vibration. Using different approaches and painting methods for each composition, Jason captures the diversity of forms and relevance of this hidden world. From these works of art viewers might gain a sensitivity and appreciation for the wonders of life.


In 2017 and 2018 many things happened in my life that made me think about the nature of things in this world, and how no experiences, good or bad, last forever and how quickly things can turn around, and how a peaceful existence is found through humility and compassion.

In my new series of paintings I touch on the ideas of impermanence and transiency in abstract form using the technique of oil-cascades in many color combinations and brush application. Nature plays a big role in my work and in my new paintings as one sees in the collaboration between its unpredictable forces and my meticulous control, as well as influencing my color selection to mimic the natural world and the four elements of earth, water, wind, and fire.
Each painting and corresponding title is one thought in a sea of thoughts in my exploration of natural ways and imagery to capture the ideas of change in thought provoking minimalistic form.

This new series is about plain reality but also about hope. I wish to remind people that in the bigger picture all things balance out and we should embrace all life with grateful hearts, as the universe will continue to ebb and flow as it has been all throughout time.


Born 1976 in Bangkok. As a Thai-American, Jason earned a B.F.A in Studio Art from Bates College and Post Graduate Certificate in Painting in the US and traveled extensively for eight years. In 2002, Jason returned to Thailand to paint full-time. He lives and works in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Jason’s philosophy of moderation is shown in abstract form. His work combines deep tones of western Baroque painting with flowing lines typical to Asia. Drawing inspiration from landscapes of northern Thailand, his work emphasizes the partnership between man and nature and strives to impart a sense of peace in all beings.

In signature techniques such as ‘drip’, ‘line’ and ‘script’ painting, Jason demonstrates a great appreciation for color, texture and a sense of exploration while retaining his Thai identity with sensual imagery. His work includes oil paintings and woodblock prints among other mediums.

Jason’s work has appeared in numerous publications in Thailand as well as collections and galleries in Thailand and around the world.