Jason Montinola


“I paint what I see in visions.  Not all of it, but whatever equivalent we have within our level of experience” says Jason Montinola whose oeuvre is built around love, death, sin, and salvation.  For him, painting is not just a creative expression, but a means of opening up consciousness, sharing hidden realities, and revealing surprising connections; without the use of cumbersome and confining words, to aid us in elevating our humanity.  Art has always served a spiritual purpose.  From the first cave paintings, to the adornment of places of worship, art has aided us in imagining the spiritual, and to help us live lives in congruence with the greater order.  Montinola’s paintings appear to be from this vein as well.

An excerpt from Ricky Francisco’s curatorial statement


born in 1979, Manila, Philippines


Technological University of the Philippines, BSIE Art Education



Through the Depths of Space, Pinto Art Gallery, Philippines

Through the Depths of Space, Bencab Museum, Philippines


The fall of the old god, Provenance Art Gallery, Philippines


In the Absence of Struggles, Art Informal, Philippines


Absent, West Gallery, Philippines


The Sensational Painter, (Toy Launch), Secret Fresh Gallery, Philippines


Infamous, Artesan Gallery + Studio, Singapore

Theatre of Absurdities, OUR Art Projects, MIA Art Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Sinister, West Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines


Here Lies the Painter, West Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines


Black Carnival, Big & Small Art Gallery, Philippines




Troubled Turf 3, Secret Fresh, Philippines

Inevitably imperfect, Vinyl on Vinyl, Philippines


Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, Underground Gallery, Philippines

Judas left the conversation underground gallery, Philippines

Looking at your brains by means of a mirror, Artery art space, Philippines


Obscene presence of absence, OUR Art Projects, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The way of the flesh, G13 Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fear in painting, Underground, Philippines

Two sides to every story, Provenance Art Gallery, Philippines

RE:VIEW 2018, Bencab Museum, Philippines


Merry Christmas, (I don’t want to fight tonight), Underground Gallery, Philippines

 Infamy, Pinto Art Museum, Philippines

 X, Gallery Orange, Bacolod City, Philippines

 Equidistant Night, Provenance Art Gallery, Philippines

RE:VIEW 2017, Bencab Museum, Philippines

Let the right one in, Let the wrong ones go, Underground Gallery, Philippines


Art Taipei 2016, Gallery Kogure, Taipei, Taiwan

Drawings + Sketches, (with Kaloy Sanchez) West Gallery, Philippines

Mild Encounter, Kapitana Gallery, Bacolod City, Philippines

Mild Encounter, Boston Gallery, Philippines

2664 km – 5 Filipino Contemporary Artist, YOD Gallery, Osaka, Japan

RE:VIEW 2016, Bencab Museum, Philippines


Bangkal Paintings, Underground Gallery, Philippines

Jogja Art Moments, Jogja National Museum, Jogjakarta Indonesia

Suspension of Disbelief, Underground Gallery, Philippines

RE:VIEW 2015, Bencab Museum, Philippines

Art Stage Singapore 2015, Art Informal, Singapore

Bazaar Art Jakarta 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia

Art Taipei 2015, YOD Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


RE:VIEW 2014, Bencab Museum, Philippines

Relative Realities, Yuchengco Museum, Philippines


RE:VIEW 2013, Bencab Museum, Baguio, Philippines

Masterpieces, Ayala Museum, Philippines


RE:VIEW 2012, Bencab Museum, Philippines

Anomalies, Copro Nason Gallery, Santa Monica, California, USA

Painting the Sublime, Manila Contemporary, Philippines

Taetrum et Dulce; Lux in Tenebris, Distinction Gallery, Escondido, California, USA

Taboo, Last Rites Gallery, new York City, USA

Secret Rooms and Hidden Motives, ( with Kaloy Sanchez) Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

HeadLights 2012, Valentine Willie Fine Art, KL Malaysia

2011     Enigmatic Fantasies, Altro Mondo, Makati, Philippines

Boycotter of Beauty and the Theoretical Steroid Defiled Modernist Chicken, West Gallery, Philippines