April 30 - May 26, 2016

“SWALLOW”explores and invite viewers to ponder over the question that has been posed time and time again; “Why are we born?” Throughout history, humans are in search for the answer to this prevailing question through our assumptions and numerous theories. In today’s world, humans are faced with insurmountable problems in all aspects of life; environmental and political issues, wars against each other, and issues of living itself.

The exhibition consists of 3 parts :

Part 1: Semi abstract mixed media drawings from artist’s blood and used petrol to depict the artist’s surroundings.

Part 2: Painting on canvas symbolizing the ideas that reflect the making of our society as well as loss and distortion we are experiencing today.

Part 3: Mixed media sculptures with reference to the extinction of humanity and the possible rebirth, which could be the emergence of a new form.