Are You Happy Now?

This new artwork was made to criticize our consumption habits, and the illusion of happiness we are all trapped in.

We keep “buying happiness”, wrapped up in beautiful shiny packages, but the inside is hollow.

The happy pills are ceramic, painted with automotive paint, and are ready to hang straight on the wall or on a coffee table of shelf. All pills are limited editions of 15 (every color combination and word), signed and numbered by the artist.


Tal Nehoray is a multidisciplinary  artist creating works that combine contemporary and traditional materials and techniques. Her work is defined by a colorful and aesthetic pop art style that criticizes our western culture and the consumption culture of “instant” happiness.

“I see each of my works as reminders to what really matters in life, to myself and hopefully to others.”

She studied art at the Tel Aviv University, and in various private studios in New York and Israel.  Tal lives and works in Israel.