“Flower & Cosmos: The Universe Within,” considers Sakul’s artistic and spiritual journey over the past 3 decades. The exhibition investigates the connectivity of individuals that makes up the fabric of society with the analogy of single flowers forming an intricate floral net (Takhai Dokmai) in a traditional Thai floral design.

As Sakul writes, “When a flower blooms, the Universe rejoices.” From a minute scale up to the largest degree, all lives and all things in the universe are connected in many unseen dimensions. Nothing can endure all by itself. The truth and the true beauty of our universe lie in this elaborate labyrinth of connectivity from the microscopic to galactic level”.

Sakul reveals this core idea into the form of large-scaled hanging wood sculptures, free-standing metal sculptures, paintings and immersive installations juxtaposing materials used in Thai floral art with digital


Sakul Intakul is well known for conveying spiritual ideas through plant and floral installations which possess a distinctive line, texture and sculptural quality.

His accolades include royal commissions from Her Majesty Queen Sirikit from 2000 to 2010 at numerous royal events locally and abroad as well as state banquets in the Grand Palace.  He inspires the world with more than 10 books on floral art and essays on flower-inspired topics.  Sakul plays an active role in being a floral culture ambassador.  In 2012, he founded The Museum of Floral Culture, Thailand’s first institution of floral art.  He was the Museum’s executive director until its closure in 2022.

Sakul earned an engineering degree from King Mongkut Institute of Technology.  He lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.