Noppanan Thannaree was born on January 31, 1988, in Chiang Rai province. He completed his studies at the undergraduate and master’s degree levels in Thai Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Silpakorn University. He currently works as a full-time artist.

After completing his initial education, Noppanan began presenting his works of ink Chinese landscape paintings on paper that had gone through a repeated line-drawing process using a self-made bamboo brush technique. By drawing inspiration from the shapes of trees, leaves, and the basic structure of natural landscapes, which are simple and fundamental, Noppanan’s artistic philosophy mainly comes from Buddhist and Eastern philosophies. It aims to establish a connection and maintain a balance between individuality and nature, which influences his identity and thoughts.

In the following years, Noppanan attempted to study and expand the boundaries of his thoughts, making them free from formats and modes of thinking that were influenced not only by religious beliefs but also by focusing on the significance of linking his artistry to international spirituality and consciousness, along with the social context and contemporary culture. He utilizes a variety of diverse artistic techniques as a means of presentation.

Currently, Noppanan consistently creates artworks of fine arts. He has resided in Nakhon Pathom and his hometown of Chiang Rai since the year 2013 until the present day.