Abstract Expressionism, by nature, has the potential to rouse and stimulate viewers with its use of courageous colours, excitable brushstrokes and non-concrete nuances.

Natasha Barnes embodies this in her work and her paintings, which are rich in texture, vibrant colour and lavish design to create bright, bold and fun art with a burst of pure energy.

“So much of my inspiration comes from the simple lotus flower and all the places that serve as its home, like Thailand, Bali, India and Mauritius.” Describing her art as “a flood of abstract expressionism – pure energy, like an invisible current, constantly flowing and changing”, the ethereal nature of her work takes shape slowly over the hours she spends in her studio. “I usually paint about four to six canvases at the same time, moving between them for several hours until a composition starts to emerge. Then I take my time to follow the abstract nature of what has emerged from the sitting, slowly working towards completion of a work.

A true creative genius, Natasha Barnes’ vibrant work, with its splashes of bold colour and textural depth, reveals that passion is paramount for success. Proudly South African, this revered artist is making waves in the art world, both locally and internationally, and is definitely someone to keep an eye on.


Natasha Barnes is a self-taught fine artist from South Africa. Her natural talent and pure passion for painting has led Natasha to develop a profound style reflective of expressionism. The artist’s dynamic marriage of colour and texture, created via sophisticated mark making, evokes a sense of fluidity, movement and thoughts of a ‘journey’ in every piece.

Her inspirations stem from her travels and the love for the rich images surrounding her life, being absorbed in the mind and transferred to the canvas without direct observation. Natasha paints in water based mediums. Application is thick and sometimes textured. Her subject dictates the flow of the paint and with that forms take on an element of the unreal, moving into the world of abstraction.

Natasha has been working on much larger expressive pieces of abstract art in recent years. After a successful solo show in London in 2010 and sell out collections at the Affordable Art fairs in London and New York, Singapore & Hong Kong. Natasha’s unique use of colour and texture is fast becoming a sought after style of art to have hanging in the home. Her name is whispered in the galleries of London, Paris and New York and she currently holds the title of South Africa’s most published artist.

Her paintings generate such extraordinary emotions from simply looking at them. Being completely abstract, stand, look, and imagine, and out comes a whole world you never saw before. Barnes truly does capture the essence of one’s imagination and that, is art.

Her work can be found in corporate and private collections around the world and has been exhibited extensively in the UK, America and the Middle East. Natasha’s work is currently published world-wide in open and limited editions by International print publishers and her originals are, as a result, extremely sought after.

Solo Shows

  • 2008 The Lindsay Gallery – London UK
  • 2007 Zuva Gallery – Arizona USA
  • 2006 Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery – Sydney, Australia
  • 2006 – 2008 Lisa Wendt Gallery – JHB South Africa

Corporate Clients

  • IKEA
  • WH Smith
  • John Lewis
  • Habitat
  • Laura Ashley