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Rattana Salee

Rattana Salee’s metal sculptures of architectural structures reflect the private and communal complexities of urban living. Evidence of supposed progress, the Thai capital has become one vast construction site. The builder’s raucous
rattle of drill and hammer shakes almost every street in the city, while inhabitants seek mental and spiritual solace in the claustrophobic rectangular stacks they call home. Within such domestic confines, occupants establish individual
expressions as refuge, yet the world beyond continues to infiltrate.

Attempting a personal connection with the geographic, social, and psychological framework of the cityscape, Rattana’s sculpted frames evoke the decaying towers that still pierce the capital’s skyline, residues of economic fallout from the 1997 financial crisis. The devotion to the medium of sculpture, constant engaging in a dialogue with a vast city space and a focus to the socio-political commentary of a particular cultural surroundings render Rattana Salee’s work to be a paradigmatic representation of an urban art oriented practice.

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About Rattana Salee

Media & Publications

• Selected artist for Artists abroad project,

• Life in Parallel: The Relation Between Image and Form of Contemporary Cityscape, online

• November 2015:

• Interview for a website project dedicated to contemporary Thai artists 2011

• “How did I get here?” By Rattana Salee (Lai Wei, LEFT art magazine in Shenzhen China, P.43, November 2011)

• “Myths and Reality” Interview on, online July 2012:

• “Shell Shocked” By Rattana Salee (Pojanee Teeravanich, Fine Art Magazine, P.102 December 2010)

• “Shell Shocked” By Rattana Salee (Usawadee Srithong, Art Culture Magazine, December 2010)

• ART TV Interview, ART PUNKAN, “Shell Shock” By Rattana Salee, online December 2010,:

• “24 Hour: 24 Days Exhibition” By 24 hrs art project group, (VNT., Fine Art Magazine, P.46 December 2010)

• “Klinsri June Vanz The Rally Bike Art” (Kritsana, K. Khowsod Newspaper, 6 Mach, 2008:

• “24 Hour Art Project” By 24 hrs art project group, (Aut Fongsamut, HYPE Magazine, P.56 April 2007)

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