A Night Walker

April 25 - June 3, 2020

The exhibition “A Night Walker” represents the culmination of his daily 12,000-step walk each day for the last 10 years from 2010 to 2020 – a total of 43,800,000 steps. Taweesak chooses to walk at night. The darkness after the sun goes down brings silence which makes him feel inner peace. Free from the bustling noise of human activities, his consciousness carefully ponders the meaning of life, seeking answers to endless questions about life and the universe. Philosophically, Taweesak pays tribute to the world at night as if it shines a light on the inner wisdom of man.

Throughout his long career, Taweesak has created abstract art as if it is a poetry of colors and thousands of lines. When approaching the canvas, the artist doesn’t intend to tell a story. The brush strokes are drawn from his mind. It is a record of his thoughts in a visual form.

“A Night Walker” presents over 20 oil on linen paintings in various dimensions. Taweesak’s new series of work explores limited color palettes of black, blue and grey to represent “colors of night”. The essence of each painting lies in the juxtaposition of density vs lightness; textural vs smooth; light vs dark; opaque vs transparent. These elements in Taweesak’s paintings serve as the vehicle to share an aesthetic experience between the artist and the viewer rather than to communicate an account of any events through the picture.

Paying tribute to the night


Paying tribute to the night

La Lanta Fine Art is showcasing “A Night Walker”, a solo exhibition by renowned Thai abstract painter Taweesak Ujugatanond, which is running until June 3.