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Limited Edition Prints

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Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
What is a fine art print?

Fine art print is a result of printmaking. It is a process of producing multiples of the same piece of artwork which is called a print. Each piece is not a copy but an original since it is not a reproduction of another work of art. Printmaking process is a complex one. The artist creates different surface textures, color effects, and forms defined by the artist's style and personality.

Printmaking is an art form that has many subdivisions: etching (created from a surface of copper or zinc), lithography (created from a surface of stone), linocut (linoleum surface), woodblock (block of wood), silkscreens (fabric plates), digital print and etc.

What is an edition?

Work printed from a single plate create an edition. The artist generally limits the edition to a certain number of their choice. The artist signs and indicates in pencil the number of each individual piece and total number of copies in the edition, for example, 5/50 ( print number 5 in the total of 50 pieces produced from the same plate).

Valuing fine art prints

In valuing fine art prints one should take into consideration the total number of the edition. A smaller edition number is always more valuable than a larger one, as there are less pieces circulating and in existence.
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