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Kexin Zhang
EMOJI Series

With studios in China, Indonesia and Thailand, Zhang’s nomadic art life cultivated his spiritual will. Zhang’s artistic expression theme has always revolved around the three main lines of human and material, human and nature, humanity and spirit. In “EMOJI” exhibition, the artistic expression is directly related to the contemporary human cultural life situation and the complex changes in the era of high-tech networks, especially in the era of artificial intelligence.

Emoji is the visual emotion symbol invented in 1998 by Shigetaka Kurita. E represents graphics and Moji is a metaphor of the graphic itself.  Emoji can be said to be the fastest growing language in history fueled by the exponentially growth of digital communication via smart phone.

In 2018, a Thai drama called "Buppe Sanivas" was broadcast in Asia. It made the Thai Ayutthaya ruins no longer quiet. Fans from Asia "occupied" this famous historical city. They delivered various forms of images and Emoji to social networks via smart phones. People were immersed in the complete self by attaching smart phones and Emoji, seeming to be farther and farther away from human history.The popularity of "Buppe Sanivas" has given the artist a broader and deeper interest in this topic. Facing the two distinct scenes of the Ayutthaya ruins, Zhang re-creates paintings on Buddhist theme.  From these paintings, the audience can see that the performances of old works such as Ayutthaya’s ancient pagoda, nunnery and broken Buddha statue. It also gives contemporary artistic expression symbols such as smart phones, Emoji, camera focal lengths, stylish smart phone cases, and more. These paintings use handmade mulberry paper specially made by the artist in Thailand. This special medium not only activates Zhang's artistic language, but also allows the artist to establish a unique style.

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About Kexin Zhang

Kexin Zhang was born in 1957 in Harbin, China.  He earns a bachelor of art from Harbin’s Pedagogical University.  Over the past two decades, Zhang has established himself as an outstanding artist with a distinctive style, pursuing various forms of art including installation, performance, digital imagery, painting, sculpture and new media. He also performs as a contemporary art critic and curator. Zhang has written a great number of academic articles for several well-known international art media, and has been the curator of many seriously themed exhibitions in major galleries. Zhang has consistently been an active and influential figure on the Chinese, Southeast Asian and international art stage. He is the founder of ASEAN & CHINA and the 10+1 Art Tactic art projects. Zhang has lives and work in Beijing, Bangkok and Magelang, Indonesia.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

• The Kite, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• My Three Kingdoms, Warren Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

• Dialogue with OHD, OHD Museum, Magelang, Indonesia
• Asia Mirror, Duo Art Exhibition by Chinese & Thai Artists, Hof Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand

• The City of Lonely Island, The Birds, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

• Sybarites, Contemporary Art by ZHANG Kexin, Dezi Art Centre, Beijing, China

• The City of Lonely Island, Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore

• Solo Exhibition of Zhang Kexin, Dialogue Space, Beijing, China

• “Construction Rule”, Duo exhibition, Element Museum of Art, Beijing

• “Accumulation Releasing - International Touring Exhibition on Zhang Kexin’s Contemporary Arts” at Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
• “Spanning Border - International Touring Exhibition on Zhang Kexin’s Contemporary Arts”, at The National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

• “Worshipping Red” contemporary photographic exhibition at Gallery F-Stop in Bangkok, Thailand
• “On This Implied Scene” installation exhibition at Kexin Art Gallery, Bangkok

• “I’m from the Orient” painting exhibition at Galeria de Arte El Catalejo, Marbella, Spain
• “New Image, New Language” painting exhibition at The National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

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